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Meet mikayla and joshua (daughter & dad)

Our Why

Friends! We believe in you! We are CRAZY excited about creating a Christ centered social community. We want to gather people together who believe what we believe, and we believe in Christ! 

We believe that God gave us special assignments before we came to earth. We have been working super hard to develop courses and programs that can help lead you in your discovery of these assignments and open up the door for God to bless you with special gifts that he has prepared, just for you.

We invite you to join our Christ centered community where we talk and rejoice in Christ in each post, each connection, each achievement. We are with you 100%, together on the journey.

Our Title Of Liberty

We Believe In The Power to Become: Sure, Joyful, Proven. We Believe In The Power Of Together, Power Over Weakness and Our Daily Struggles. We Believe In Decreased Fear and In God’s Desire To Bless Us With Heaven Sent Miracles. We Believe God Our Father Prepared Every Needful Thing To Aid Our Mortal Journey. We Believe In Spiritual Patterns That Increase Our Capacity To Receive Help. This Truth Gives Us Immense Joy! We Believe In A Community That Rejoices In Each Others Pre-Mortal Potential And In Our Power To Ultimately Become, Like Jesus Christ.

about Joshua

  • I married my high school sweetheart, Charlotte. She’s amazing! 
  • Father of 10 awesome kids
  • Entrepreneur of 17 years
  • I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Riverside California from 1995-1997
  • I am an online instructor for BYU Idaho
  • I teach web design and social media marketing
  • I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Information Systems and Technology
  • I received my Masters Degree In Business Administration from the University of Phoenix
  • I love God with all my heart and it is my desire to see this Christ centered community help connect God’s children to their pre-mortal potential and to each other
  • I believe in pre-mortal mission statements ( you can see mine here)
  • I believe in, together!

about Mikayla


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