Connecting You With Our Christ Centered Social Community So We Can Walk This Journey, Together

in purpose

in purpose

we progress

we progress

on the path

on the path

together in purpose, we progress on the path back to God

We Believe This Life Can Be Great!

We also believe that you should not have to travel alone. 

We believe in Jesus Christ and in His belief that gathering Together increases our purpose and our power to progress.


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Together In Purpose

 Together, On The Journey

Together We Progress

 Together, On The Journey

As you become part of our community you will know that the steps you took today have molded you into the wonderful person you have yet to become! 

God Loves Progression

Here’s a Hint     It’s Easier Together!

We believe God has given you ALL the attributes you need to progress. It is our opportunity to develop them and that is easier to do, Together!

Come, Gather Home

No matter how far away your end destination feels, we’re going to help you get there!

We created a Christ centered online community that easily connects you with social groups so Together we can support each other along this unique journey called Life!

Together On The Path

Life Is Better Enjoyed, Together

getting started is easy

Figuring it out, Together

getting started is easy

Join Our Community To Achieve Greater Joy
In These Key Relationships

your relationship With God

I ready to learn more

your relationship with Yourself

your relationship with Others

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    After returning home

    from my church mission I struggled with feeling distant from God. I missed the purpose and fulfillment my mission had given me and I missed being surrounded by people who were working towards the same goal. After much prayer my dad and I decided to create an online community where not only return missionaries but anyone who would like to progress can do that together with others who are moving towards the same goals. We believe that God put us together on earth for a reason: to help one another! There is so much more joy and fulfillment waiting for you, so let's move forward and progress on this journey together!

    Mikayla Bowman

     Missionary (Arcadia California),  Founder

    Getting Started Is Easy

    We Believe In The Power Of Together And In The Power Of Premortal Potential. We Believe God Our Father Prepared Every Needful Thing To Aid Our Mortal Journey. We Believe In A Christ Centered Social Community That Empowers Our Members With The Tools Needed To Unlock And Promote Their Personal “Why”. We Believe In A Community That Rejoices In Our “Why” And In Everyone’s Power To Ultimately Become, Like Jesus Christ.


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