in purpose

in purpose

we progress

we progress

on the path

on the path

together in purpose, we progress on the path back to God

Together In Purpose

 We Believe This Life Can Be Great!

We also believe that you should not have to travel alone. 

We believe in Jesus Christ and in His belief that gathering Together increases our purpose and our power to progress.


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 Together, On The Journey

Together We Progress

God Loves Progression, So Do We
Here’s a Hint (It’s Better Together!)

We believe the purpose of this Life is to Succeed. Christ was successful. We believe God has personally given you ALL the attributes you need to succeed. It is our opportunity to develop them and that is easier to do, Together!


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As you become part of our community you will know that the steps you took today have molded you into the wonderful person you have yet to become! 

Together On The Path

You Are The Hero Of Your Own Life’s Journey

No matter how far away your end destination feels, we’re going to help you get there! We created a Christ centered online community that easily connects you with social groups so Together we can support each other along this unique journey called Life!

Together, We Can Quickly Start Strengthen Our Most Important Relationships

With Ourself

With Others

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Is Right For You?

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Which Of These Best Describes You

Which of These Best Describes You

    We take cool topics and turn them into classes. Topics like:  

    • How Faith, Hope and Charity help you to BREAKTHROUGH to new life skills
    • Understanding how my DNA affects my health
    • How to involve God in my personal finances
    • How to start my own business on a budget
    • How to follow a personal action plan
    • How to cook amazing, yet healthy ethnic food
    • How to accomplish the impossible ( even if I’m feeling totally overwhelmed)
    AND Everything is organized in one simple dashboard!
   An online community for all that empowers your health through mentored programs and classes

    Quickly start a program or class that will empower your physical, financial  and relationship health.


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    Social Groups

    Focused groups to help you succeed, Together.


    Social Learning

    Learning is better Together and on your schedule. Dozens of free classes on Christ centered attributes, as well as life skill classes such as cooking, health and wellness. Preview our classes here

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    Your All In One Dashboard

    Easily keep track your progress  in your all in one dashboard. It keeps your purpose focused on progression.

    Changing the Lives Of Our Members !


    Some Of Our Members,

    Amber Rausch

    Kearns, UT