We Believe that Life
is a Path Best Walked Together

Welcome to Social Media with a

What Makes OneLikeHim Different?

We believe in creating a safe, social environment where we can all learn and grow together! Basically, we want to embrace all the good in social media, while leaving the crap behind and replacing it with Jesus:)

Get Connected With Others

Enjoy a place where you can help and uplift others on their path of life while they do the same for you

Discover and Develop your talents

                      Take or teach courses 

                 and classes to help 

                      better yourself as well 

                 as those around you

Grow Your Relationship With God

Our Father in Heaven has given us each unique gifts and talents. We believe that we all have a purpose to fulfill here on earth and as we develop our relationship with Him, He will guide us to know what our purpose is

Start Discovering Your Purpose